ZED Certification

The Zero Defect Zero Effect scheme is operated by the Quality Council of India and aims to create an effective ecosystem for competitive, quality & clean manufacturing which would in turn help promote the development of world class made in India products by MSME’s.

The vision of ZED is to enable the advancement of our Indian industry to a position of reputation in the global marketplace and leverage India’s emergence as the world’s supplier through the Made in India mark. The ZED is an integrated and comprehensive certification system that will account for productivity, quality, pollution mitigation, energy efficiency, financial status, human resource, and technological depth including design and IPR in both products and processes.

In ZED Certification the Zero Defect concept focuses on

  • Customer
  • Zero non-conformance or non-compliance
  • Zero waste

Benefits of ZED

To develop and implement a ‘ZED’ culture in India based on the principles of:

Zero Defect (focus on customer)

  • Credible recognition of the industry for international customers seeking investment in India
  • Streamlined operations and lower costs
  • Superior quality, reduced rejection and higher revenues
  • Increased environmental & social benefits
  • Additional employment generation
  • Other benefits as announced by the Government from time to time

Document required for ZED Certification
  • Quality System Documentation
  • Process Control & Documents
  • Performance Measurement Records
  • Standard Operating Procedures & Work Instructions
  • Visual Management Implementation
  • Health & Safety Related Requirements
  • Legal & Environmental Compliance
  • Human Resources Competence & Upgradation
  • Operational System Improvements.
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