Patent Search

A patent search is a search of the patent database to see if any patent applications that are identical to or comparable to an invention that is to be patented already exist. One might do a patent search to increase their chances of receiving a patent registration or to learn more about novel innovations that are covered by patents. This article examines the process for carrying out a patent search in India.

Importance of Patent Search

A patent search can assist with a number of goals before submitting a patent application, including

  • Estimating the likelihood that an invention proposal will be granted a patent.
  • Choosing the claims that will be included in the patent application.
  • Deciding on operating freedom.
  • Determining the validity of a patent that has been awarded.
  • Knowing more about related ideas and the status of related patent applications

How to do a Patent Search

A patent search in India is free of charge. The Indian Patent Database, accessible at, allows users to do patent searches.

A patent search can be performed under either a published or granted publication type, depending on the state of the patent application. By selecting the checkbox, the user can specify the preferred publication type. The user has access to a variety of categories, including

  • Application Number
  • Patent Number
  • Applicant Number
  • Patent Number
  • Applicant number
  • Applicant Name
  • Inventor Name
  • Inventor Country
  • Inventor Address
  • Filing office
  • PCT Application Number
  • PCT Publication number

There is a drop-down box that the user can utilize to modify the category for the entire category. Every category has a search box next to it where the user can type the keyword of the patent they want to view. The applicant can do more specific patent searches by typing a query in more than one box. Once the necessary keywords have been put in the appropriate areas, a captcha code must be cleared by the user.

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