Hallmark Registration

For years, women in India have been more interested in gold, and gold is always a very safe and secure investment for Indian locals during a difficult time. As a result, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) established a jewellers Registration scheme to protect users from adulteration and to obligate jewellers to maintain jewellery purity. BIS launched the Gold Hallmarking Scheme in 2000, followed by the Silver Hallmarking Scheme in 2005. The scheme requires the BIS Hallmark Registration in order to sell or manufacture gold and silver jewellery. Because it is impossible to determine the purity of gold by simply looking at it without first having it examined or marked. hus, the BIS Hallmark registration can reduce these concerns by providing all the vital information and confirming the purity of the gold.

What is Hallmarking?

A Hallmark can be word, name, symbol or device used by manufacturers to identify their goods and to distinguish their products from other goods which are manufactured and sold by others. Therefore, a hallmark is a symbol of trust, a unique identification for the customer buying jewellery.

Following documents are required for Hallmark Registration:
  • Certificate of the registered company
  • Proof of report showing business premises of the jeweler
  • Signed BIS hallmark application
  • Identity proof of the person applying for the form
  • Payment of hallmark license fees
  • The signing of the agreement as per the prescribed format.

Process Of Hallmark Certification
  • Preparation of documents for BIS registration
  • Development of agreement on stamp paper of INR 100/- in the prescribed format
  • Filling of the hallmark application form
  • Pay the fee for application processing
  • An inspection will be done by the inspector of the concerned BIS department
Is It Mandatory To Obtain Hallmark Licenses?

The Government of India has notified rules and regulations for gold and silver jewellery hallmarking, but the decision is still pending as the government determines when it will become mandatory. Many small jewellers sell non-hallmarked jewellery in both rural and urban areas; however, the BIS has issued a warning to unregistered jewellers not to sell hallmarks or non-hallmarked jewellery.

In any case, if the government's mandatory hallmarking is delayed, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) warning will raise awareness.

How To Identify Hallmarked Jewellery?

An Identifier can quickly identify the hallmarked (gold and silver) jewellery as it contains four (4) identity remarks on it-

  • On the jewellery logo of BIS hallmark is present
  • Purity status number of gold jewellery will be there
  • Logo of BIS assaying centre
  • Logo or code of the jeweller

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