G-Mark Certification

The G-mark, also known as the Gulf Conformity Mark, is used to identify items that adhere to all of the Gulf Cooperation Council's specialized guidelines (GCC). This means that G-stamped items meet all requirements of the comparing specialized guidelines and have passed all similarity evaluation strategies.

G-mark certification is applied to products sold or imported into Gulf member countries. It is a mandatory requirement for children's toys and low voltage electrical products to be exported to the Gulf Standardization Organization nations.

Categories of G Mark
  • G Marking for Low Electrical Appliances
  • Gulf Toys Technical Regulation

Gulf Toys Technical Regulation

Children’s toys must accomplish all specific safety requirements listed under the technical regulation related to physical, chemical, mechanical, flammability, hygiene, electrical and radioactive properties. Gulf Toys Technical Regulation (GTTR) has been regularly obligatory in all GCC Member States (The State of the United Arab Emirates, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, The Kingdom of Bahrain, The Sultanate of Oman, The State of Kuwait, The State of Qatar and Yemen).

This design means that the Toys fulfill essential requirements for health, safety and the environment.

Every toy is protected by the scope of EN 71 and EC directive 88/378/EC (as well as IEC 62115 for electrical toys) is included in the scope of the GTTR.

Documents Required to Apply for Gulf Mark/G Mark
  • IECEE CB/ GAC/ ILAC report/ Corpseed™ test report with the correct national deviations
  • Manufacturer Declaration of Conformity
  • Importer Declaration of Conformity
  • Company Documents Like MOA, AOA, COI, Proprietary / Partnership Deed

Step-by-Step Process
  1. The exporter / importer will have to fill out the GSO Application Form and Declaration of Conformity

  2. Once we receive your request, a dedicated and local coordinator will review your request.

  3. Your coordinator will check all the necessary documentation and from that, define the scope of work including certification requirements.

  4. Whenever necessary and to comply with GSO regulations, your dedicated coordinator will guide you through the needed verifications and will schedule sample testing, inspections and/or audits.

  5. After satisfactory results, Cotecna will issue the Gulf Type Examination Certificate (GTEC) or Shipment Certifications.

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