What is Employee Stock Option Plan?

All entrepreneurs have at least one common problem: how to motivate employees in a way that’s mutually beneficial. The most practical solution to this is the employee stock options plan (ESOP), used by small and large businesses alike. It not only keeps deserving employees motivated to grow your company, rather than just fulfill their duties, it ensures that you don’t lose them for a number of years.

In an ESOP, companies provide their employees with stock ownership, often at no up-front cost, but in lieu of work performed. Shares are allocated to employees, but may vest only after a pre-defined period.

The strongest incentive for your best employees to stay motivated and stick around.

  • Grant Notice
      The grant of the option to purchase the shares
  • Options Agreement
      The agreement for the option to purchase the shares
  • Options Plan
      Creation of the master document for the Employee stock option plan
  • Business Valuation
      A merchant banker will value your business
  • Allotment & Documentation
      We will bring all your secretarial records up to date
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