CSR Registration

CSR, or Corporate Social Responsibility, is a mandatory contribution made by eligible businesses to the community or society's welfare. The contribution is secured in the CSR funds managed by the companies involved. These funds can be used by the body corporate that manages them, or they can be outsourced to NGOs that will carry out CSR activities on the body corporate's behalf. NGOs may receive grants from CSR funds of body corporates for this purpose if they are registered with the ROC as "Bodies undertaking CSR activities." The regulation requiring NGOs to register in order to obtain CSR funds and carry out CSR activities went into effect on April 1, 2021.

NGOs eligible for obtaining CSR registration

Non-profit, non-governmental organizations are typically involved in activities for the welfare and advancement of society, making them well-suited to carry out CSR activities delegated to them by corporate bodies liable for corporate social responsibility. Corporates must provide CSR funds to such NGOs in order to outsource CSR activities. NGOs must obtain prior registration from the Registrar of Companies for this. The NGOs that are eligible to conduct CSR activities and obtain CSR registration are listed in the table below.

Documents Required for Form CSR-1
  • Copy of PAN card of the entity. 
  • Copy of registration certificate of the entity. 
  • Copy of 12A and 80G exemption certificate, if applicable. 
  • NGO darpan ID, if applicable. 
  • DSC of the authorised person signing the form.
  • PAN of the authorised person signing the form.
  • Company CSR policy. 
  • Company CSR report. 
  • Details of the subsidiary and other entities. 
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