Patents are becoming more important in today's technology-driven industry. The inventive strength of a company is thought to be directly proportional to its patenting activities. In this age of invention/innovation/intellectual property, an organisation is judged not only on the number of patents it holds, but also on the quality of its patents. Because obtaining a patent is generally an expensive process, it is critical to take a strategic approach to obtaining patent protection.

Mybusinessfilings' Patent team is made up of professionals with expertise in their respective technical domains as well as exposure to patent law from various jurisdictions. The team has approximately 60 years of collective patent experience. With this team structure, an invention in a specific domain is handled by our patent attorney(s) with expertise in that domain, ensuring a quality-based approach. Furthermore, the team's exposure to various jurisdictions' patent laws enables us to recommend to clients internationally-accepted best practices at various stages of a patent life-cycle, from patent research, patent drafting, patent filing, patent prosecution, to patent grant and maintenance.

A trademark represents a company's business and its associated goodwill. A trademark, if properly protected and strategized, can provide a significant business advantage to an organization. Effective trademark management and efficient business value creation necessitate: knowledge of trademark law, a thorough understanding of your business, and the ability to anticipate and capitalize on business developments.

At Mybusinessfilings, our team of highly experienced trademark attorneys provides value-added trademark services to help clients maximise the business value of their trademarks. Our team provides a wide range of trademark services, from trademark clearance searching to trademark protection and brand management.

Having helped clients acquire thousands of trademark registrations in the USA, India, Europe and across the globe, our attorneys are well versed in trademark processes. Our experience of handling trademark compliance audits, and licensing/franchising transactions enables us to offer unique, value added services to our clients.

The priority for a business is to create an identity, and impact such as that the brand or product of the business stands apart from others. This is where designing a logo comes in to play for giving your brand the much-needed visibility. A logo can generate instant brand recall and greatly influence your target customers’ attitude towards your brand.

As an ancillary part of our full range of legal services for trademarks/service marks, our internationally renowned and one of India's most popular and dependable law firms also provides prompt and impeccable logo design services. Apart from intellectual property laws, our competent and masterly legal services cover the majority of the major and most significant disciplines of the law, such as corporate law, business or commercial law, labor and employment law, international business laws, cyber law, taxation and insurance law, and so on.

Our extremely popular logo design services include both logos for representing businesses and logos used as trademarks or service marks. Numerous Indian and foreign companies, firms, businesspersons, professionals, industries, and industrialists have used these logo design services in the past. Furthermore, our logo design solutions are available for almost all economic fields. It should be noted here that, in addition to designing new and fresh logos for distinguishing products and services, we can also offer logos that were previously designed for our previous clients but were later modified. These previously designed logos can be useful as inspiration for a new logo, or as a logo of special interest or attention.

The Copyright Act of 1957 protects intellectual property rights such as copyright. Copyright protects an author's original work in his/her literary, dramatic, musical, artistic works, etc. from use by any third party without the author's express consent. A certain amount of originality in an author's work is required in order to obtain a Copyright Registration.

With today's rapid technological advancements, copyright work is more vulnerable to infringement and misuse. We at IP & Legal Filing (IPLF) provide our clients with a comprehensive package of copyright registration services, allowing them to reap the benefits of their IPRs with minimal effort.

Our team of experts specializes in dealing with complex issues such as copyright infringement, copyright registration, licensing of copyrighted work, copyright enforcement, and responding to copyright objections, among other allied services. In addition, our experts assist clients in developing the entire legal framework for licensing and franchising their Copyrightable subject matter, as well as in its proper enforcement.

Domains are assigned using the "first come, first served" method. Registering a domain takes only a few minutes and usually costs less than CHF 10, making it simple and inexpensive.

The ease of registration frequently results in unjustified or malicious domain registrations. Whether it's typo squatting (taking advantage of spelling errors in domain spelling) or malicious registration of branded domains.

However, the domain name ultimately belongs to the person who owns the brand or name, not the person who first (maliciously) registered the domain. Even if a domain grabber has already registered their company or brand name, this does not imply that they must pay exorbitant prices for a domain name.

A third party who maliciously registers this domain must hand it over to you or may not use it if they operate it maliciously. Various solutions are considered depending on the domain and applicable law.

Our full-service litigation support firm assists law firms and attorneys worldwide. We distinguish ourselves from other litigation support firms by quickly establishing a reputation as a superior provider of legal support services designed to alleviate the stress and hassle of litigation preparation.

Whether for litigation, arbitration, internal or regulatory investigations, or even responding to requests for personal data for litigation, vast amounts of data must be considered and handled expertly. Mybusinessfilings' global team of attorneys and subject matter experts creates right-sized custom solutions by combining technology, process, and resources to meet demanding timelines and data security standards while remaining agile enough to handle changing needs and requirements.