What is a Business Plan?

A business plan is a document that effectively communicates the business and its potential to those that matter. It could be an investor, a bank, a joint venture partner or even a high-profile techie you want to work for your company. It will contain the background of the founding team, the business model, a brief analysis of the market and estimates of financial performance.

Such a plan should be formulated even if you’re not looking to raise funding, as the questions it brings up tends to provide a roadmap for the business. Most venture capitalists, private equity firms or banks will ask for a business plan before even giving a second meeting.

Redback has roped in some well-known professionals to prepare business plans with a clear and concise message.Showcase the potential of your business to investors and partners

  • Study of Business
      We will analyse your business and the sector as a whole
  • First Draft
      It takes 20 days to prepare the first cut of the business plan
  • Two Iterations
      We do two rounds of iterations at no extra cost
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Need Our Help?

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