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The 10 Best Ideas For Picking A Business Name

The 10 Best Ideas For Picking A Business Name

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  • 16 Sep 2022
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The most distinguishable factor that’ll make you stand out as a business is your brand. And what better way to do this than with your brand name? 

By opting for a creative and unique business name, you can build a brand that’ll stand the test of time. If it’s also memorable (As it should), it’ll be easy to recognize and refer to. So you don’t have to worry about promoting your products or services.

Ideas For Picking A Business Name

However, finding the perfect business name can be quite the work. Especially when you’ve dedicated endless hours to brainstorming with results. 

A great way to start is by using a business name generator

In this post, we’ll be sharing ten ideas you can use to pick out the right business name for your brand. 

10 Best Ideas

1. Words that Have the Same Rhyme Scheme

If you’re looking to get something catchy, this is an excellent method to try for your business. Using rhyme schemes in your business name helps make it easy to remember. This is because they make a lasting impression on your target audience. 

A brand that does this so well is SilverSingles. Now when you encounter a dating app with this name, it’s everything you already imagine. It’s a dating app for users above the age of 50. You already know what to expect and you get a sense of who you might be interacting with.

Same Rhyme Scheme

Asides from being catchy, the name is also fun. It already implies that dating over 50 can be fun too and so its intended audience will be attracted to the brand from just the name.

Pro Tips

point Use simple schemes that are easy to remember. This is not the time to bring up 18th-century poetry.
point Ensure that the spelling isn’t open to conflicting alternatives e.g Slickersingles vs Sleekersingles.

2. Names that are From Experiences

When thinking about business names, a great way to get creative ideas are from experiences. This could be the experiences you’ve had while putting your business plan together or what your target market has had to endure while searching for the solutions you’re hoping to solve. 

These types of names tend to resonate with people on an emotional basis. So, if you need to form an emotional connection with your target market, this is the perfect way to accomplish this with your business name. 

For example, the brand ‘Bonfire Adventures’ is a travel company that helps its users cut out the work when traveling to destinations. This includes hotel bookings, flight bookings, and even tour itineraries. 

From the brand name, you can expect to get an adventurous holiday with a fun bonfire night at the end of it. 

Customers of this brand tend not only to return based on the memories they had during their travels, but people who aren’t even customers yet are already sold the ultimate travel experience just from this brand name. Plus, they also have a very memorable name that cannot be easily forgotten.

Pro Tips

point When picking out a brand name based on experience, aim for a positive emotional response.
point Look out for experiences your customers and target audience may have had.

3. Demonstrate the Value You’re Offering 

Why start the sales process with your marketing team when you can do this from your brand name? If you’re looking to use a memorable yet marketable brand name, a great way to do this is to show the value you’re offering upfront. 

From your business name, your prospective clients can immediately understand your goals and business objectives. They can also see what’s in it for them when they choose your brand. It’s an excellent choice for bold, professional businesses. Especially when you want to be a trusted brand for a particular topic. 

An example of a brand that does this well is ‘Aceable’. As an online school that focuses on helping students prep for all kinds of exams, this is a daring brand name. 

It proves that they are out to ensure that their customers actually ‘ace’ their exams. So asides from oozing confidence in the value they are offering, they also reinforce trust. 

Pro Tips

point Think about words that portray what your customers hope to gain from doing business with you.
point Tweak those words especially if they are verbs to be less boring and easy to pronounce.

4. Reflecting Brand Values or Mission

If marketing with your business name sounds like a bit too much for you, consider using your brand values as an inspiration. 

This is another way to forge an emotional connection with your prospective customers. People tend to opt for brands that share the same values as they do. That’s why you see brands taking up community service, prioritizing environmental impacts and so much more. 

So what values and missions do you have? 

In our example, ‘Girl Boss’ is a business name that clearly states its values through its name. You can immediately deduce that this brand is centered around empowering women to be the best versions of themselves. 

This is true because this brand is all about using beauty and creativity to grow both financially and in their personal lives. 

Pro Tips

point Identify what your brand strongly believes in and jot down these words.
point Choose whichever one resonates best with both you and your target audience.

5. Using Arbitrary Marks

Dos and Don'ts

Arbitrary marks are common English words that are used in contexts that have nothing to do with their meaning. While this might sound weird, it’s quite common for businesses, to use random words that have no relationship with the product or service they are rendering. 

A popular example is the ‘Apple’ brand. Today, it might sound like a given but have you ever thought about why a computer company decided to name its business after a fruit? 

Many theories have been conjured up, but the true story is – Steve jobs just liked apples. And after he visited an orchard, he decided that they should name the company ‘Apple Computer’.

The takeaway from this is that sometimes, simple is better. Apple is exciting and easy to remember, and it’s now a household brand name. 

Arbitrary words are an excellent option if you’re scouting for a business name especially since they are easy to trademark and they give you stronger legal protection.

Pro Tips

pointYou should stick to simple arbitrary words – the more complex they are, the more chances they have of actually hurting your brand.
point Choose names that are fun and in your everyday life.

6. Using Suggestive Marks

Unlike arbitrary business names, suggestive marks have some sort of relationship with the product or service rendered. However, the correlations are usually indirect. 

And so as a customer, you have to open up your imagination to identify the reference. This is a great way to sell a creative brand name. 

For example, ‘Tossed’ is a fast food chain in the UK that specializes in delivering healthy meals. Think about the possible origin of the name for a second. 

You guessed right – it’s referencing salad tossing. 

So as you can see with suggestive words, this fun comes with realizing the origin of the brand name. And since it’s also a food business name, it makes them easy to market. If you plan on running a referral campaign sometime in the future, you won’t have issues with people remembering your brand name.

Pro Tips 

point Your suggestive brand name shouldn’t be an olympiad – make the reference simple.
point Experiment with mixing up words e.g Pin Interest = Pinterest.

7. Funny and Witty Names

As a simple casual brand, if you plan on using a funny tone for most of your marketing material, then, a funny or witty brand name should also be considered. Asides from perfectly suiting your brand’s personality, they are catchy and easy to remember. 

Keep in mind that they won’t suit every brand. However, if you’re in the food or beauty industry, it’s one to explore. 

An excellent example we love is Frying Nemo. This is a hilarious brand name for a fish and chips shop. It has a reference that most people can understand (the finding Nemo movie) and so it makes it easy to remember. It’s a super short name too. 

Pro Tips

point Ensure that your funny business name is truly funny – test by conducting a poll.
point Avoid using puns – they are either overused or make you look too cutesy.

8. Draw Inspiration from Everyday Occurences 

Sometimes a brand name can be a conversation starter. By conversation starters, we mean setting out to look for brand names that wrinkles foreheads. These types of brand names are similar to arbitrary words but the difference is that they have some sort of deep reference behind these names. 

For example, Screaming Frog is a brand name that was inspired by a frog that stood up for itself after being cornered by two cats. 

The founder who had recently started working as an SEO consultant was inspired by the frog’s determination and bravery in his garden. 

Brand names culled from an inspiration are a great way to constantly motivate your team and remember why you started the brand. Its primary aim is not to sell or be funny – rather it’s available so that you have something to look back to. 

Pro Tips

point Think about events or people who have motivated or inspired you in the course of your brand’s journey.
point Curate something simple and catchy from the phrases or words you conjure.

9. Use Foreign Words

If you’re in a competitive market, finding the perfect brand name in English might be nearly impossible. Especially if it’s quite common. So rather than struggle to find the exact domain when you’re ready to purchase one, it’s best to source for a less competitive brand name. 

A great way to do this is to go foreign.

Finding foreign suggestive names or foreign names that are culled from experience can be more helpful to your brand. A lot of top businesses have successfully done this in the past. 

For example, Acer – the computer brand was gotten from a Latin word which means something acute or sharp. Ubuntu is another example that was inspired by the African philosophy of interpersonal relations. 

Pro Tips

point Identify phrases you’d want to ordinarily use for your brand name and translate them to popular languages.
point Avoid using offensive phrases you might constantly have to apologize for – even if they aren’t in the English context.

10. Foresight on Expansion

As a budding business, you might want to use a descriptive brand name that’s very literal and functional. And while that might be good for the business at the start, it leaves your business boxed into a specific corner. 

For example, if your business name is in your name, along the line it’ll be difficult to sell. It’ll also seem like it’s a one-man business with that type of name. 

So if your business name connotes that you’re into selling beddings and one day, you’d like to expand into other room materials, don’t pick a name that restricts you to sell the former. Having foresight on just how well you want to expand, also saves you a ton of money down the line. Because you don’t have to worry about rebranding, getting a new domain, and all that. 

A great example of a company that used a name with foresight is ‘Best Buy’. With this name, they’ve kicked out competitors like RadioShack. Now they don’t need to rebrand because it’s broad enough to cover any type of item on sale. 

Pro Tips

point Use broad names that you can easily adapt to.
point It’s advisable to not name your brand after yourself – except if you prefer to keep it within the family.

Bonus – Using Our Business Name Generator

Eliminate the constant need to brainstorm for business names using our business name generator. With it, you can generate words that can help ease your brainstorming sessions. You no longer have to sort out any mental blocks to find the right name. Asides from this, our business name generator has the following advantages:

  • Significantly saving time – since the generator does most of the research, you simply have to look through the list and pick anyone that resonates best with you
  • Great for SEO – our Business name generator will create a business name using the keywords you insert. This will help you skyrocket your business on organic page results
  • Securing a domain name instantly – if you find a name you like through our business generator, you can immediately purchase it before someone else.  Redback scans for domain name availability as well, so it’s a great chance to make the best out of your business name

Since there are a lot of benefits to using a business name generator like Biznamewiz, we hope you can draw some search inspirations from the ideas listed above. 

The most distinguishable factor that’ll make you stand out as a business is your brand. And what better way to do this than with your brand name?

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