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The Indian Government established the BEE or Bureau of Energy Efficiency on March 1, 2002, under the Ministry of Power, in accordance with the provisions of The Energy Conservation Act, 2001, with the primary goal of saving energy and costs in India. The Government of India has made it mandatory for some notified products or items to have star ratings and labels that specify the performance of the energy-saving product and assist consumers in making the right choice before purchasing such product. BEE's mission is to institutionalize energy efficiency programs, promote in-country delivery mechanisms, and provide energy efficiency leadership in all sectors of the country.

To qualify for a Star Rating, the manufacturer must apply for Bureau of Energy Efficiency Registration in India, as well as complete the product testing and documentation required by the BEE (A Higher BEE Star Rating Means Higher Energy Saving). Mybusinessfilings provides a comprehensive step-by-step guide and professional assistance to manufacturers in obtaining a BEE Registration Certificate for their products or items.

What is the purpose of rating the products?

The goal of rating products based on their energy consumption is to control or reduce energy consumption. BEE reflects an electric product's energy consumption through a star rating; the higher the star rating, the lower the energy consumption or more energy-efficient the product.

BEE Registration Process | BEE Certification Process
  • The application form needs to be filled.
  • When filling the form, all the required documents and information must be attached or provided.
  • The filling the application form will be completed, the payment need to be made.
  • Further, the hard copy of the enclosures which should have the signature of the Authorized Signatory as well as should include the specimen of BEE label will be submitted, as required.
  • As the application is accepted by the BEE, you are authorized to use the BEE label.

Our Role in Obtaining BEE Certificate
  • Our BEE certificate consultants will assist you in documentation, evaluation, and examination of the product.
  • Our BEE certificate consultants will coordinate with the BEE officer to ensure proper examination and testing.
  • For up-to-date information, our BEE certification consultants will persistently be in contact with the BEE officer, this will ensure proper follow-ups.
  • We will assist you throughout the BEE certificate process of registration to ensure a smooth procedure.
  • Mybusinessfilings Compliance will provide you complete help in filling the application.
  • Our consultants will conduct a thorough follow-up with the BEE officer.
  • We can schedule the meeting with the BEE officer for examination and evaluation.
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