What is Copyright Objection?

Copyright is a legal privilege granted to the creator of an artistic work as part of intellectual property rights. Copyrights are protected by the "Copyright Act of 1957." Copyright is a set of rights that includes the right to adapt, reproduce, and translate a work that is granted by law to the authors and creators of literary, artistic, dramatic, musical works, sound recordings, and cinematographic film producers.Copyright objection means an objection raised by the Registrar on the Copyright application.

It is important to note that copyright registration assists authors in protecting their ideas of original expression, which must be in some creative form, but the idea itself is not protected. To obtain protection, some creative form of the idea must be expressed.

What are the reasons for raising Copyright objection?

There may be a number of reasons to raise the copyright objection, but the main ones are as follows:

1. If a piece of work is comparable to another piece already published or

2. Duplication of the work with another's work.

What are the required Documents for replying to Copyright Objection in India?

The documents that are required to file reply to copyright objection are as follows:

  • The discrepancy letter as is issued by the Registrar of Copyright.

  • The supporting documents for reply.

  • The Copy of application for registration.

  • Affidavit, if required.


The Copyright Act, 1957 grants protection to the artistic, literary, musical, and dramatic works of the creator from any unauthorized use. Copyright provides protection to the expressions of the creative work and not just the ideas.

Copyright Registration can be applied either manually or through the website. It is important to take Copyright registration if you want to protect your creative work from any kind of infringement.

Copyright is valid for the whole lifetime of the author or creator and for 60 years beyond the death of the creator.

It may take around 2 to 3 months to get your copyright registered in the normal course with the cooperation of the applicant for speedy disposal of the issue.

It is very essential to file the reply to the Copyright Objection for the author so as to retain his creative work and have the legal protection over his creation.

The main essence of replying is to convince the Registrar regarding the author’s creative work being original and to get the copyright registered. Hence, once the creative work gets registered the author can have the legal protection against any kind of infringement in future.

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